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We're authors who've built up a newsletter & willl share with others who need to promote their work! #mgtab

Promote with other authors!!
Are you like me, always watching out for new places to promote? Hoping to find a worthy site that will at least give you a return on your investment?

It a hugely competitive world out there in publishing and the choices have increased ten-fold yet the sales don’t seem to be following.

As most of you know, I started a group over a year ago called the Authors’ Billboard and we also have a newsletter that’s open to guest author's submissions.

I’ve tried so many places lately – spent way too much money - and have been disappointed. Which isn’t to say my offer won’t disappoint too. Let’s face it – some books are more popular than others. I’ve had some authors return many times and others who obviously weren’t satisfied because they didn’t come back.

But we’ve kept our price low (just enough to pay our assistant who creates each newsletter). At least then, you won’t feel you’ve been taken for a huge amount.

And… we’ve kept the restrictions to the minimum – see here:


The Authors' Billboard Newsletter is sent out to our growing list of subscribers every Friday.

  Submission Guidelines

1.     Books must be $0.99, Free, or a New Release.

·         To be considered a "New Release" your book must have been published within the last 30 days.

·         New Releases can be any price as they are not promoted as "on sale".

2.     You cannot submit the same book more than once a month.


Book Submission Price:
Guests: $5.00

So – give us a chance & see if we can help you:

#1 Get exposure

#2 Make some sales!!


**Our newsletter is released late Thursday night and every week we have a Facebook post about the newsletter and we send out tweets also. With over 30 members in our group, many of who will share and retweet, we have quite a reach.

**As you can see, we have spots for a new a release; it’s more of an exposure kind of promotion because we don’t expect authors to place a new book in a sale category. We don’t show the price but the links to the books are there in case the readers want to follow up and buy them.

**We don’t differentiate between genres. We’ll leave it up to the subscribers to choose a book or not.

**Sexy books are welcome – erotic novels are not. (Sorry!)






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Up-to-date insight into Amazon's KENPC calculations & what it means to authors! #mgtab

Okay – I’ll admit it.

I’ve been fighting with this whole KENPC concept – the Unlimited program at Amazon’s Kindle Publishing and I think I’ve now got a handle on what’s going on.

Go figure… I finally read all the information that has been available the whole time. But you know me – I just skim things and figure I’ll delve into it the details later. Then it jumps up and bites me in my rather oversized (but not for my age :-) derrière!!

Because I’m now involved in a box collection called Hotshot Heroes, one we’ve only published on Amazon, this information has become paramount to our making the best possible decisions for our set.

I searched for information and this is what I found. I’ve added the paragraph that most affects the authors but I strongly recommend every one of you to go and read the whole page through and then do so again.

We released KENPC v2.0 to improve the way we measure the length of each book. KENPC v2.0 makes a number of improvements to how we standardize font, line height, and spacing used to normalize the length of each book relative to one another. This change will impact the KENPC of some titles while others will remain unchanged. The average KENPC will change less than 5%, although individual books’ changes may be larger or smaller. The new KENPC approach will be applied uniformly to all KDP Select books and all versions of those books. Regardless of which version a customer may be reading, all future royalties will be paid using KENPC v2.0. If a customer previously borrowed your book and is still reading it, any new pages read will be based on KENPC v2.0.

Let’s actually put this into perspective. I went to Special Agent Kandice’s page on Amazon and it says there under Product Details that the book has 236 pages. (This story came in at 62,182 words.)

Then I went to my Bookshelf on my KDP account (Kindle Publishing), clicked on Special Agent Kandice and then clicked on the Promotions and Advertise section that is available to authors under those three dots on the right.

See above!

This is where you will find you actual page count that Amazon is using to calculate the number of pages for the KENPC. (Kindle Edition Normalized Page Count). And here, they're telling me they're using the number 342 as my page count. That’s so awesomely, rad-ly, COOL! (Which I am not…sigh!)

So… depending on how much of your book that’s been read, Amazon pays you a percentage from their monthly KDP Select Global Fund. If people read the whole book, you’re paid based on that number of pages.

Now go to your Reports Page.

Just so you know, this royalty money is not added into the calculation you see at the bottom of the page – Generate Report. If you hover over that button – this is what you will see.

Click this button to generate a detailed report containing orders, sales and royalties earned for the selected time period. Click here to learn more about the information provided in this report. This report does not include royalties earned from the KDP Select Global Fund. For KU/KOLL royalties, which are processed on a monthly basis, please refer to your Prior Months’ Royalties report.

Again – that’s been something I’ve wondered about but never got around to asking….

I just gotta say - sometimes I really do need a good swift kick in earlier mentioned – derrière LOL!

Hope this info helps some of you – let me know.
And… if you’re looking for powerful stories to keep you amused for this long weekend or just for some summertime reading, please check out this newest release


Crave your men hot, alpha, and strong? Then you'll really enjoy Hotshot Heroes: Strong Enough to Love - 6 full-length action-suspense romances plus one bonus novella from NY Times, USA Today, and International bestselling authors. Fall in love with sexy agents, cowboy sheriffs, firemen, bikers, and more. Danger, excitement, and heart-pounding romance await the women who love these brash and protective men. Get yours today before it goes away. #FREE for Unlimited subscribers!!

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Summer Heat: Love on Fire - a hot collection by the best!! #mgtab

Summer Heat: Love on Fire
by Caridad Piniero, Nina Bruhns, Rebecca York, Jennifer Lowery, Taylor Lee, Traci Hall, Stephanie Queen, Kathy Ivan, Jackie Ivie, Michele Hauf, Rachelle Ayala, Katy Walters, Melissa Keir, Dani Haviland, Jacquie Biggar, and Angelique Armae
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 24, 2016

16 All New Contemporary Romances from NY Times, USA Today, and International Bestselling Authors.

Guaranteed to make your blood run hot. Passion, steamy nights, excitement, and suspense. Something to suit every reader's taste. Grab a cool drink (you'll need it!), find a hammock, and curl up for an unforgettable escape.

New York Times best seller Caridad Pineiro, UNDER THE BOARDWALK - A passionate night under the boardwalk brought them together, but can Chase and Natalie rekindle that lost love in just one night? Contemporary romance bundle.

New York Times best seller Nina Bruhns, FAST AND FLIRTY (book 2, The Transporters series) - The top-secret package STORM Corps transporter Kade Maddox is hired to deliver turns out to be way more trouble—and a whole lot sexier—than he ever anticipated. Romantic adventure collection.

New York Times best seller Rebecca York, OUTLAW JUSTICE - Will a surprise reunion with her old lover save her life when she flees from a homicidal husband? Reunion romance boxed set.

New York Times best seller Jennifer Lowery, THE FALL (Book 2, ATCOM series) - The last thing ATCOM agent Brendan Devayne wants is to settle down, but Mia Lawrence makes him think twice… Romantic suspense bundle

USA Today best seller Taylor Lee, JARED: (Book 1, The Justice Brothers Series) - The rookie cop learned the hard way that when tangling with the Justice Brothers, Justice—like Love-- isn’t always fair or easy. Cop romance collection

USA Today best seller Traci Hall, FESTIVAL BY THE SEA - Al Cooper’s too bad to be a cop and too good to be a crook; Darcy Smith can’t get enough. Bad boy romance boxed set

USA Today best seller Stephanie Queen, BEACHCOMBER HEAT - This summer’s heat wave on Martha’s Vineyard is breaking records, but so is the crime wave. Steamy romance bundle

USA Today best seller Kathy Ivan, SEX, LIES AND APPLE PIES - A televised baking competition brings them together. But deceit, intrigue and revenge are on this menu. Contemporary romance anthology

Jackie Ivie, THE HUNTED - LeeAnn’s got business in Miami. The last thing she expects is to be someone’s target. Beach read bundle

Michele Hauf, THE GEEK GETS THE GIRL - Mistaken for the IT geek? This sexy CEO is about to learn the intimate operations of his company—up close, and personal. Sexy romance collection

Rachelle Ayala, BAD BOYS FOR HIRE: KEN (Bad Boys for Hire Series, #2) - After Jolie Becker is left at the altar, her friends secretly hire a hunky beach bum to cheer her up. Bad boy romance anthology

Katy Walters, SANDS OF SEDUCTION - Clary escaped to a place of sea and sand, a place of passion and seduction. Beach read collection

Melissa Keir, PROTECTING HER PIGG - Arson and fire bring them together, but what will cause the most damage…the arsonist bent on revenge or their own stubborn ways? Romantic suspense boxed set

Dani Haviland, POOL BOY WANTED (NO EXPERIENCE PREFERRED) - He’d never known a woman before, and that’s just how she wanted him. Hot romance box set

Jacquie Biggar, SUMMER LOVIN’ - Can two mismatched lovers find a way past their mistakes, or will they keep their lonely hearts forever guarded? Contemporary romance bundle.

Angelique Armae, DARK WOLF - When Highland wolf Callen MacHendrie catches intern Miranda Kendrick stealing his prized sword, the term wild romp takes on a whole new meaning. Sexy romance boxed set.

Caridad Piñeiro
NY Times and USA Today Bestseller Caridad Pineiro is a Jersey Girl who writes romantic suspense, military romance, contemporary romance, paranormal romance, and vampire suspense. Caridad loves to travel, cook, & spend time with family & friends. Caridad is the author of nearly 50 novels/novellas. Caridad writes dark and sexy novels and novellas for those who live to love on the edge. Her sweet, but still naughty side, Charity Pineiro, writes contemporary romances packed with emotion and humor. For more information on Caridad/Charity, please visit www.caridad.com or www.rebornvampirenovels.com.

Nina Bruhns
New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Nina Bruhns decided it was time to change careers and pursue her longtime dream of writing when fieldwork in Egyptology became too dangerous. Since then, Nina has achieved international bestsellerdom writing for Berkley, Harlequin and Silhouette, various epublishers, and now as an indie author with Cajun Hot Press. Nina has earned numerous awards for her thirty-plus books to date, including three Daphne du Maurier Awards for Best Overall Mystery-Suspense Book of the Year, three Rita nominations, four RT Bookclub Reviewers Choice Awards, a National Readers Choice Award, five Dorothy Parker Awards of Excellence, and two Golden Hearts.

Rebecca York
New York Times, USA Today, and Publishers Weekly bestselling and award-winning author, Rebecca York has written over 145 books and novellas. In 2011 she became the dozenth author to receive the Romance Writers of America Centennial Award for having written 100 romantic novels. Her Killing Moon was a launch title for Berkley’s Sensation imprint in June 2003. Five more books in the series have followed.

Rebecca has authored or co-authored over 65 romantic thrillers, many for Harlequin Intrigue’s very popular 43 Light Street series, set in Baltimore, and many with paranormal elements. She currently writes the paranormal romantic suspense Decorah Security Series and the science fiction romance Off World Series.

Her many awards include two Rita finalist books. She has two Career Achievement awards from Romantic Times: for Series Romantic Suspense and for Series Romantic Mystery. And her Peregrine Connection series won a Lifetime Achievement Award for Romantic Suspense Series.

Jennifer Lowery
NY Times & USA Today bestselling author, Jennifer Lowery grew up reading romance novels in the back of her math book and on the bus to school, and never wanted to be anything but a writer. Her summers were spent sitting at the kitchen table with her sisters spinning tales of romance and intrigue and always with a tall glass of ice tea at their side.

Taylor Lee
USA Today Best Selling author Taylor Lee writes Suspenseful Mystery Thrillers – with a heavy dose of Sexy to Sizzling HOT Romance.

In the less than four years that she has been writing, Taylor has written more than thirty books.  Her six, soon to be seven, series track her Special Operatives, Covert Agents, Cops, Firefighters and other iconic heroes and heroines, through the harrowing situations that make up their lives. From human trafficking rings to corrupt politicians, Taylor investigates the underbelly of society and the criminals who flourish there.

Traci Hall
With an impressive bibliography in an array of genres, USA Today bestselling author Traci Hall has garnered a notable fan base. She pens stories guaranteed to touch the heart while transporting the reader to another time and place. Her belief in happily ever after shines through, whether it's a romantic glimpse into history or a love affair for today.

Stephanie Queen
USA Today bestselling author Stephanie Queen writes romantic suspense novels where the good guys always win. She lives in New Hampshire with her family, friends and cat, Kitty III.

Kathy Ivan
Kathy Ivan is a USA Today Bestselling author and International Digital Award winner.  She writes award-winning romantic suspense, contemporary romance/romantic comedy, and paranormal romance and loves hanging out with readers and writers, talking about books.

Jackie Ivie
Jackie Ivie lives in the enormous state of Alaska with her husband and three very spoiled pets. She started her writing career writing hot highland historical romances for Kensington Publishing. There are now ten “Clans series” books, available in seven languages. Keeping her head in the clouds most of the time, Jackie now spends her time researching, developing, and writing her paranormal series – the Vampire Assassin League, the NEW Chronicles of the Hunter, as well as her other historical line – the Brocade Collection.

Michele Hauf
Michele Hauf is an award-winning author who has been writing romance, action-adventure and fantasy stories for over twenty years. Her first published novel was DARK RAPTURE.

France, musketeers, vampires and faeries populate her stories. And if she followed the adage ‘write what you know’, all her stories would have snow in them.

Rachelle Ayala
Rachelle Ayala is a bestselling author of contemporary romance and romantic suspense. She writes from sweet to steamy and believes that everyone should find love as often as possible, even if it's within the pages of a book. Rachelle is working on a sweet series of romances with pets and firemen, Have a Hart Romances, and one full of bad boys, Bad Boys for Hire. She also writes sports romances in both football and baseball, as well as many holiday romances, both sweet and spicy.

Katy Walters
Katy Walters lives on the South Coast of England with her husband and hyperactive Golden Retriever Fairey Magic, Lily for short.  Her two sons have now grown and flown the nest. After gaining her degrees, BA Hons, Psych; MA and Hon D. Sc., she pursued a fulfilling career in psychology both as a Researcher and Therapist.  She then decided to change direction and returned to Uni., attaining a BA in Eng.Lit. and Creative Writing.  She now enjoys writing full-time and loves to explore many genres.

Melissa Keir
Melissa Keir is a bestselling author of small town romances that sizzle. Her stories feature realistic characters that will capture your heart. She doesn’t believe in down-time but can be found knee-deep in projects.

Dani Haviland
Dani Haviland, formerly of Connecticut, Arizona, and Alaska, recently semi-retired from selling tractor parts, tools, and roses. She moved to a more temperate climate in western Oregon to pursue her passions: writing, gardening, and photography. Life has changed from plowing snow with a Bobcat loader to pull-starting a walk behind weed whacker, but there are still enough hours in the day for the feisty old lady to propagate people for her novels and plants for her yard. Sharing is part of her personality, so creating books and photos to share all over the world makes her happy.

Jacquie Biggar
Jacquie lives in paradise along the west coast of Canada with her family. She loves reading, writing, and flower gardening. Jacquie swears she can't function without coffee, preferably at the beach with her sweetheart.
You can stay in touch with Jacquie here:

Angelique Armae
National Bestselling Author Angelique Armae / J. C. Makk is a native New Yorker who loves all things royal, can trace her Irish roots back to the Scottish Highlands, is half Italian, and is owned by a long-haired Tuxedo feline. She spends most days writing, unless her cat deems otherwise. Miss Armae is represented by Holly Root of the Waxman Leavell Literary Agency.

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Summer Heat is released - Love on Fire by fabulous authors! #mgtab


Maybe it’s the prospect of summer vacation and leisure time leftover from school days, but I always automatically think Summer = Reading. It’s not that I read at the beach—I hate sitting in the sun (lucky for my old skin!)—but I do love beach reads.

Beach Reading a Myth?

I did a quick informal survey of a small group of readers to find out where they like to do their reading and not one of them mentioned the beach. Is the beach read a myth, then? Or is it another of those leftover memes from times gone by? (I don’t expect an answer to this question. Think rhetorical.)

Decadence and Reading

People do still go on vacations in the summertime. They still fly on planes or take trains where they read, and they still manage to set aside some leisure time in the summer. Then there’s the fact that it gets too darn hot in the summer to do much more than lay around and read books. I think there’s nothing more decadent than laying around in the middle of the day with a good book (and a bag of chocolate Lindt balls). Not sure which is more decadent—reading the book in the middle of the day or eating chocolates. But the combination is my ultimate vacation from life.
On your next escape from life, when you have hours to read--and a bag of chocolates—you might want to make sure you have a stack of contemporary romances like the Summer Heat – Love on Fire boxed set of 16 novellas.
Here’s a sneak peek inside Summer Heat starting with Nina Bruhns and her book


Fast and Flirty. Excerpt:

Nikki Phoenix gave her tight sweater and miniskirt a quick zhuzh and leaned under the open hood of her BMW, bending over to give a good view of her backside and her long, bare legs. After a second she reached in and loosened the alternator cable. Just in case.
The meticulous research she’d done after getting this assignment had revealed that STORM Corps transporter Kade Maddox followed a firm set of self-imposed rules when he drove. He never broke them. Never. And one of his top rules was: No passengers.
Yeah, they’d just see about that.
She stayed bent over and curled one designer high heel around the opposite ankle, doing her best to look cute and helpless as he took the nearest curve and sped toward the cutout where she’d parked the Beemer.
“Come on, baby. You don’t need no stinkin’ rules,” she murmured to the engine block, deliberately not looking up. Any former Marine intelligence operator worth his salt would smell a setup a mile away.
She smiled at the air filter as her target slowed. “Oh, yeah. Who’s your mama,” she whispered, satisfaction swirling through her. Hell, she might actually pull this off. She wiggled her butt. Just a little.
From the corner of her eye she watched him approach. His highly-polished black and red convertible shone in the bright Italian sunshine, sleek and elegant against the sparkling azure blue of the sea beyond the twisty ribbon of road that clung to the rocky cliffs. The top was down, and she could clearly see it was Maddox behind the wheel, wearing his usual STORM transporter uniform—a meticulously tailored charcoal grey suit over a white button-down and tie. His attractive dark hair was just long enough to be tousled by the wind, making him look deceptively casual and easygoing.
She knew better. From what she’d learned, the man was focused as a laser.
He slowed to a crawl. She held her breath and pretended not to notice as he studied her through his mirrored sunglasses. Then the engine gunned and the car sped away without stopping.

Taylor Lee --Jared Justice Brothers

How about one more peek inside-at Taylor Lee’s Jared: Book 1 of the Justice Brother’s series. Excerpt:
"Driving her harder against the damp ground, he added, a note of incredulity striping his harsh tones, "Which brings me to the bigger question of this fiasco. What the hell is a Barbie Doll doing playing Big Bad Policeman all by her fucking self in the deep, dark National Forest in the middle of the night? Didn’t anyone ever tell you, Sweetheart, that Ken, not Barbie, gets to play the badass cop?”

Want more? Get your copy of Summer Heat – Love on Fire released today!

Amazon/Kindle (US)  

Amazon/Kindle (UK)  




Google Play

And don’t forget to get your FREE copy of Cooking with the Authors of Summer Heat – our treat!
Barnes & Noble: http://bit.ly/Cook_BN
Apple iBooks: http://bit.ly/Cook_Ap
Kobo Books: http://bit.ly/Cook_Kb
Amazon Kindle: http://bit.ly/Cook_Az

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I have a fabulous surprise to share with you! My Chinese book... #mgtab

I am so stoked…

I will soon have one of my books selling on Amazon in China and translated into Chinese.

This is what happened.

Eight months ago, my friend, Donna Fasano, showed me her book "The Merry-Go-Round and the page where it was being sold on Amazon in China.

Seeing her book tickled me and I decided I wanted to have one of my books up there for sale too. So, I signed up on a site called Fibereads and submitted a number of books and waited with bated breath.

Finally, I was notified that a manager had claimed my project “I’m No Angel” and after many months of back and forth interactions with different translators here is my beautiful cover.


It should be on sale there soon and hopefully, the Chinese women will like the book as much as our English-speaking readers.

They’ve started on the next book I submitted and eventually, Special Agent Francesca will be sold there also.
Now how cool is that?!!


Saturday, May 14, 2016

The blurb - is what will sell your book and convert readers! #amwriting #mgtab


 -Reference the genre and central theme

 -Create intrigue around the main conflict

 -Dive right in and introduce your protagonist

 -Keep it short and punchy

 -Reference your book-writing or professional status, if it relates to your book.


 -Give away any spoilers, no matter how tempted you are

 -Give a summary of the first chapter

-Open with “In a world,” or any other overused phrase

 -Give everything away

 -Say how amazing your book is

 -Compare yourself to other writers or your book to other books

The anatomy of a blurb 

While there’s no perfect formula for writing the best blurb for your next novel, there are some patterns worth taking note of: Calling out your success in the book-writing world, introducing the reader to the protagonist in a way that creates intrigue without delving into all the assorted details, and referencing the central point of conflict—without explaining how a resolution may come about.

You realize that you only have a few seconds at the most to grab a reader’s attention. Once the book cover has done its job, tickling her/his interest, then it’s up to the blub to sell your book. So… in order to make this happen you need to use POWER words – ones that will evoke images and instantly gain attention to titillate the reader’s interest.

See below, the difference to a blurb when I subtract the words that probably sold this book!!


My doctored example:


Theo Decker, a 13-year-old New Yorker, survives an accident that kills his mother. Abandoned by his father, Theo is taken in by the family of a friend. Bewildered by his strange new home on Park Avenue, disturbed by schoolmates who don’t know how to talk to him, and above all by his longing for his mother, he clings to the one thing that reminds him of her: a small painting that ultimately draws Theo into the world of art.

 As an adult, Theo moves between the drawing rooms of the rich and the antiques store where he works. He is alienated and in love—and at the center of an ever more dangerous circle.

The Goldfinch is a stay-up-all-night and tell-all-your-friends triumph, an old-fashioned story of loss and obsession, survival and self-invention, and the machinations of fate.


Original: (Bold and underlined words are adjective/adverb descriptions whereas the italicized ones are power words usually verbs and nouns.)


Theo Decker, a 13-year-old New Yorker, miraculously survives an accident that kills his mother. Abandoned by his father, Theo is taken in by the family of a wealthy friend. Bewildered by his strange new home on Park Avenue, disturbed by schoolmates who don’t know how to talk to him, and tormented above all by his longing for his mother, he clings to the one thing that reminds him of her: a small, mysteriously captivating painting that ultimately draws Theo into the underworld of art.

As an adult, Theo moves silkily between the drawing rooms of the rich and the dusty labyrinth of an antiques store where he works. He is alienated and in love—and at the center of a narrowing, ever more dangerous circle.

The Goldfinch is a mesmerizing, stay-up-all-night and tell-all-your-friends triumph, an old-fashioned story of loss and obsession, survival and self-invention, and the ruthless machinations of fate.

Do you see the difference?


Saturday, May 7, 2016

Wonderful news that'll freak out any author! #winner #mgtab

I’ve just received wonderful news. Have to admit to acting a bit crazy for a few minutes - doing a victory dance, tripping over the stool and making my poor old startled parents look at me like I lost my mind!

And it’s thanks to you – our readers who are so supportive and thoughtful.
You guys rock!!

I asked all my friends to vote for us in this contest.  So did the other authors in the “A Touch of Passion” box collection.

And you guys came through for us – big time!

I’m so proud to announce that our box set won the Romance Review Reader’s Choice 2016 Award.

This is a huge honor.
I’m so thrilled.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!